R.S.V.P. to Summer Guests

By on April 28, 2016, in Soft Surroundings

Blue skies, rising temperatures, and company calling – summer is here! Whether it’s kiddos heading back to the nest from college or your best friend from childhood coming for a girls’ weekend; chances are you will have company this summer. Here are some of our favorite new home pieces to create a summer oasis for those out-of-towners.


What is the first thing guest notice when they walk into your house? Most likely for better or for worse, it’s the scent in your home. Soft Surroundings has the perfect thing to start that olfactory envy from the moment they walk in the door. It’s our brand new At Home fragrance, Beach House. This scent is so luxurious and near and dear to our hearts. Inspired and used by our founder Robin in her own beach home, this scent carries notes of lemon, florals, and luscious grapefruit- inviting your guests to experience a fresh and salty welcome to your open home.


Now let’s take a look at the accommodations. Be honest, would you want to spend the night in your guest bedroom? Maybe it’s time for a fresh bedding update? Our newest bedding collections are great for mixing and matching. The old rules of prints and matching are out that guest room window in favor of design harmony. Your bedding need not match exactly to work and create the perfect serene environment. While we love our classic pieces, a little pop of color can be fun and unexpected for guests. Our Mamounia Bedding Collection provides just that with an exotic paisley design and a contrasting border. This particular pattern is created using a tried and true woodblock printing process. Make the collection uniquely you by adding pillows from our Koutoubia and Media Collection. You guest will be convinced they have sailed away to a beautiful exotic locale.


Take your guest south of the border with our fan favorite San Miguel Collection. Despite the bright, bold patterns and exciting colors, there are actually a lot of neutrals in this collection that make it perfect for pairing and mixing. The San Miguel Quilt reverses to a black and white print, or just fold it over a made bed for the ultimate spread. We think this piece is a stand-alone. No need to overdo it – look to pair this collection with bright and fun solids from our Medina Collection. You will get the fun color mix without a overly dominant pattern to compete with the beautiful quilt!


We do advise that you be careful with these beautiful collections… after all you might not want your guests to get too comfortable 🙂

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