Pack it up and off you go!

By on May 9, 2016, in Soft Surroundings

Whether you are road tripping with the family, jet-setting to exotic far-away lands, or taking a day off just to hit the beach, one preparation element can make all the difference in your enjoyment – packing!

Pack like a pro for your summer getaway with a few of our handy tips, inspired by our founder, Robin Sheldon (she’s an experienced traveler!)


Make a list and check it twice

Sometimes nothing beats a good old-fashioned handwritten list! Think about the items you use everyday – you may want to make your list by categories. Some suggested categories you may want to list include; beauty, intimates, apparel, shoes, and accessories. Don’t forget your medications!


Walkin’ on sunshine

If you are anything like us, you love shoes! But, traveling isn’t always the best time to bring ALL of your favorite pairs. Shoes tend to be among the heavier items in women’s suitcases and take up a lot of luggage real estate. While you are selecting your shoe wardrobe the most important thing to think about is how much activity and walking you will be doing. Hard and slippery cobblestones, which are common among European side streets don’t play well with high-heeled shoes. Consider a sporty, yet stylish pair for adventures where you will be on the go.  Simply hitting the pool or beach? Grab your favorite jeweled leather sandals and off you go! Planning to eat at an upscale restaurant or attend a formal event? Select a kitten-heel or wedge style sandal. You’ll be effortlessly chic and feminine, while still being comfortable (and lower heels take up less room in your bag!)

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Think like a Girl Scout: Be prepared!

When traveling, it’s best to be ready for a variety of temperatures and precipitation. Think about dressing in lightweight layers. While planes can be chilly, your final destination may be hot and your hotel check-in time may be later in the day. Wearing a cute sleeveless top with a soft cardi makes a great choice.  Need another layer for the plane? Consider a summer weight scarf. It doubles as a chic accessory that takes up little room in your luggage and can coordinate with a wide variety of outfits.

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A mobile beauty maven

Let’s face it, beauty products can be problematic to travel with! Many drug stores sell reusable plastic TSA-approved refillable beauty product containers – a perfect way to bring along your favorite shampoo and other goodies without having to buy travel-sized versions. Proper skin hydration is essential when traveling – be sure to drink plenty of water and routinely moisturize your skin. Beauty products that do double, or even triple duty, really excel at traveling well and save a ton of space. Avoid messy incidents by double-bagging your beauty product bag. Enclosure your beauty products in two TSA-approved sized plastic bags to avoid leakage if a product does burst or leak in transit.

Planes, public transit, and gas stations can be quite “germ-y” places! But, we’ve got an easy, and quite enjoyable, solution – Herban Essentials Towelettes. Throw them in your car, purse, carry-on, or even your pocket. They are available in a multitude of essential oils, which make them antibacterial and antiseptic. Another plus? These powerful little pouches are aromatherapy-on-the-go. De-stress, relax, or energize depending on which essential oil formulation you choose. The lemon scent is especially effective at avoid the potential negative effects of jet-lag.


Don’t forget to leave room in your luggage for a few treasures to remember your summer adventure and remember to enjoy it all and #LiveSoft!