Is Your Makeup Aging You?

By on May 28, 2016, in Soft Surroundings

Easy fixes for your worst mistakes.

The natural makeunder that instantly drops 10 years from your appearance.

Prime Time

Even the most perfect makeup and application can’t overcome a distressed complexion. Start with a smooth, clean canvas for the most youthful, flawless appearance. Skin turnover slows as we age, so be sure to exfoliate every few days to remove that top layer of dry, flaky skin cells for the most radiant complexion and seamless makeup application. Cleanse and hydrate your face, then wait a couple of minutes to let the moisture soak in. Use a primer to even skintone and spots. Even Up Clinical Pigment Corrector is a great 3-in-1 choice that treats, conceals and prevents spots, plus primes skin with a light tint.07225_1


The Proper Foundation

Heavy, caked-on foundation has a way of settling into fine lines, making wrinkles more pronounced. As much as you want to cover your concerns, a lighter touch will actually make you look younger. Go with a lightweight cream if your skin is overly dry. Mineral cosmetics like jane iredale are perfection for creating flawless coverage. Colors that worked in your twenties might not be the best for you now. Skin and hair lose pigment as we age, so make sure you have the right shade to match your face and your neck. A whisk of self-tanner, like Vita Liberata’s Self Tan Anti-Age Serum, is a great idea to warm up your skintone and bring back youthful color.07231


The Big Cover Up

Concealer is naturally more dense to offer more coverage, but if you’re not careful, it can accentuate, rather than hide, your flaws. It’s important to brighten the shadowy undereye area, but beware of the telltale technique. A light touch in the corners of the eyes is best, then blend down, over your cheeks to avoid a raccoon demarcation. Peach hues cancel out the blues of dark circles. Green concealer camouflages the red of acne.


Liner Notes

Dark eye makeup doesn’t add mystique, it just makes eyes look smaller and more set in. For more youthful wide-eyed appeal, brighten your eyes with natural taupe shadow and limit dark colors to just a tight line along the upper lashes. Crooked liner on crepey lids can reveal more than an unsteady hand. Perfect your technique by tilting your chin up and looking down through barely-opened eyes. You’ll get a smooth glide of color. Line the lower water line with a nude liner to brighten the whites of eyes. Magicstripes give an instant lift to crepey or hooded lids for eye-opening results.07224


Lush Lashes

Clumpy, sparse lashes lack a certain sparkle and they certainly don’t make eyes pop. Get a full-on, flirty fringe of youthful lashes with the power of Probiotics by Dr. Lili Fan. Dr. Fan’s Probiotic X Mascara with Lash Booster Formula not only defines your lashes, but also helps you grow lush, long lashes in just 4-6 weeks. Boost the lash-growing benefit when paired with Dr. Fan’s Probiotic XLash Enhancer (96% saw an increase in lash length!).07229_1


Brow Wow

Just like lashes tend to lose their luster over time, years of overplucking can leave brows less than pleasing. Thicker brows are in and too-thin brows can make you appear older than your years. Wunderbrow gel fills in sparse brows with natural-looking, hair-like fibers that last for days. Or try Beauty Expert Sarah’s favorite brow pencil, from The Brow Gal™, celebrity brow artist Tonya Crooks. This all-in-one tool features a built-in sharpener and spoolie brush, plus the perfect formula to naturally fill in sparse spots.

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I’m Blushing

Contouring can be great, but you can end up muddying your complexion with a too-brown tone. Women’s faces tend to become more angular as they age, so you probably don’t need much contouring. Try a punch of pink on your cheeks or lips for a fresh, young glow. Pinch your cheeks to find your most natural hue. Place the color high up on the apples, then blend lightly up and back. Or forget the guesswork and go with the self-morphing color of jane iredale’s Just Kissed Cheek and Lip Stain in Forever Pink. A spot of highlighter or shimmer on the cheekbone gives skin dewy radiance.04876_3

Lip Appeal

Lips tend to lose volume over time causing little lines to creep around the perimeter. Too-dark or too-matte lipsticks can make lips look smaller and more severe, plus darker colors have a greater chance of migrating into lips lines. Line your lips and fill in with a lipliner close to your natural tone to set lipcolor and keep lipstick bleed at bay. Top with a creamy color, a blue-based berry shade is a great choice to make teeth look youthfully white. We love the creamy Pink Holiday lipsticks. A dab of lipgloss in the middle of the upper lip can visually plump lips.06147_1


Ready, Set, Glow!

Prevent makeup melt and migration (which can emphasize lines and wrinkles) with the proper finishing set. Avoid powder, especially on drier skins, because it can look cakey and add years to your appearance. Opt for a hydrating setting spray like Coola. We love, love this multi-tasking formula that not only summer-proofs your makeup for day-long wear, it also minimizes pores, moisturizes and plumps skin and protects with SPF 30.07226_1