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By on June 23, 2016, in Soft Surroundings

We want to extend a warm welcome to this week’s guest blogger Pam Lutrell. This inspiring woman is the founder of the blog Over 50 Feeling 40! Her mission is one that is near and dear to our hearts perfectly syncing with our #LiveSoft campaign:

Therefore, my mission with over50feeling40 is to inspire women over 50 to look and feel their best… to strive to be women of strength and dignity…and to enjoy every single day of life…one day at a time.

How to Reinvent Style Over 50

I should be holding a sign which says NOT YOUR TYPICAL FASHION BLOGGER. I am not super thin…nor sporting high heels…nor on the front side of fifty.  However, I believe for the last seven years, my blog has represented a large group of wonderful, typical, women over fifty who desire to look and feel their best.

My reinvented style began twelve years back after my 50th birthday.  The Department of Public Safety requires a Driver’s License renewal at that time.  It turned out to be the most significant wake-up call I have experienced.   I did not realize until that moment just how much I had neglected myself in my 40s and allowed motherhood and low self-esteem to place me at the bottom of my own priority list.   When I stared into the face of my license picture, I was looking at a woman I did not know.  What happened to her?  Over the next five years, I would study style, fashion, and beauty as if I were a graduate student.  This helped me to go through a complete makeover, learn how to create a personal style, and ultimately share all on a blog.

Reinvention occurred on the inside and the outside, and I desired a style which reflected joy and my new commitment to living life to its fullest, because life is short.   We all tend to forget our clothing speaks messages about us and how we leave the house will tell the world volumes.  By controlling our messages, we develop our own style and tell the world who we are.

Soft Surroundings has been a key player in the messages I send to the world about me.  I want everyone to know I am intelligent, strong, approachable, creative, and youthful.   In every dressing room, I ask myself if the garments I am considering say these five adjectives about me.  This is my own approach to style I developed in 2010.  The reason so many garments from Soft Surroundings hang in my closet, and so many of their beauty products sit on my counter is because it is an overall retailer just for me…the typical woman over 50 who desires to look and feel her best!  When you walk into the beauty of their stores, you immediately get the messages they send of chic, warm, approachable French Country style.  It resonated with me the moment I looked at a catalog and visited a location.

Perhaps I am unique to the fashion blogging world as Soft Surroundings is to the world of retail.  Therefore, I believe we make a special team.


Loving Pam’s style? We are too 🙂 You can recreate her look by combine some of our favs listed below

  • Jennifer

    Fabulous post! Pam is an inspiration for so many women!

  • Haralee

    Love Pam’s look! Love sense of style!

  • Katherines Corner

    Pam is a bright light, I adore her and her wonderful sense of style. Everything she wears is a reflection of her personality. It is lovely to see her featured here.

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