Drapery: The Unassuming Room-Changer

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We call them window coverings, but selecting drapes is never about covering windows with yards and yards of fabric. It’s about light. Today, there’s a lot of awareness about how much light comes into a room. In the end, the place you want to come home to strikes the perfect balance between light, warmth, comfort and style.

And that’s why draperies are room-changers.

When you start exploring the idea of redecorating with drapes, ask yourself two questions: what is the room used for, and what is the atmosphere of the space? Different rooms serve different purposes and moods, and the drapes should mirror those qualities.

Bedrooms are quiet, more private and nurturing spaces than are bright, conversational living rooms. Hallways come alive when you shed light on them, whereas entertainment rooms light up in the dark.


Heritage Drapery Panel

Once you decide on the answers to these practical questions, don’t set them in stone. Every space can use a bit of the unexpected, and drapery is a wonderful way to surprise.

All of Soft Surroundings’ drapery panels are expertly made of luxurious fabrics like linen and raw silk. We add interest with thoughtfully chosen trims, hand-embroidery, and subtle but significant details.

Today, colors are softer than they were in the ’80s or ’90s because our lives are hectic and we want our homes to be visually soothing, not disruptive.


Take our Ruched Linen Drapery Panel for instance. The textural border adds interest by filtering the light in layers, without adding busyness from pattern or print. These panels are perfect for rooms with a lot of architectural interest because the whisper of linen feels breezy and loose next to structure and line.

Another approach to draping a room is to let the panels blend into their surroundings. (Leave the pattern and pop to pillows and upholstery.) The right drapery can be so beautifully simple and sheer, or woven and translucent it disappears…in a good way!


Imagine our Balloon Drapery Panels in antique blue or restful sage next to walls painted the same color. The feeling in the room will be like gazing at an uninterrupted expanse of blue sky, calm sea, or spring meadow. It makes you feel relaxed just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

A few final thoughts…

Drapery is a lot like clothes for windows; it should be flattering. Your windows want to look tall, and elegant, dressed in comfortable fabrics and complementary lines just like you do!


And we think fabrics look best with the stiff, “newness” taken out of them a bit. Our Slub Silk Panels are perfect examples. Magnificently loomed of the finest raw silk, they have an exquisite luster in a heathered slub weave. The indigo shade has that slightly faded, well-loved look we adore.

Peruse our selection of drapery panels and start imagining the room change they can make in your home.

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