One-Color Bedding is Beautiful, Not Boring!

By on August 31, 2016, in Bedding, Home and Furniture, Relaxation

Grey. Taupe. White. Cream. They sound like pretty standard colors for bedding, don’t they? Why would you choose the neutral end of the color spectrum when you can splash vibrant hues from headboard to footboard? One good reason is soft, single tones are soothing and restful and anything BUT boring if you mix in sumptuous layers and touchable textures.

Before we go on, we just need to say that colorful bedding certainly has its place in our hearts—especially during the warm, sunny months. But there’s just something about switching things up as the weather begins to cool and choosing bedding that creates a calming tactile experience. An oasis of one-color layers in a variety of finishes is ideal for hibernation eight hours a day.

One of our favorite examples of the one-tone bedding technique is our Alhambra Bedding Collection. Silvery grey, creamy white and touches of taupe are the palette, but there’s nothing bland about it because the pattern is phenomenal. The design of this coverlet is modeled after the intricate tile-work and carved stone friezes inside the Alhambra, a Moorish palace in Granada, Spain.

onecolorbed (002)

By the way, Alhambra is the place where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ruled their Royal Court. (It’s also where Christopher Columbus began his journey to America.) Poets call Alhambra a “pearl set in emeralds” because its ivory walls look luminous nestled in the forest around it. Now, does any of that sound dull? Not at all!

Our Alhambra Bedding Collection is just as remarkable. Let’s start with the tapestry coverlet. It is expertly woven of blended wool yarns in an age-old Flemish technique that creates a lightweight piece with stunning texture and feel. Both the weave and the subtle placement of colors give this coverlet the allusion of dimension, similar to the look of light playing on architectural details.

But bedding isn’t only about the coverlet—even if it is a piece that is this wonderful! Layering the tactile experience is key to a rich-looking, solid-colored bed and we’d recommend pairing the Alhambra coverlet and shams with our Adagio comforter. Adagio will bring a silky contrast to the matte stone finish of Alhambra, and mixing texture is just as much a feast for the eyes as is color.

Introduce another element of touch to the ensemble with our Linen Balloon Shams. They’re sewn from gauzy, open-weave linen, incredibly soft and lightweight. We love the casual ease they bring to the Alhambra/Adagio bedding combination.

Last, but never least—pillows! You can stay with our monochromatic scheme and toss on our Chunky Knit Pillow for an added pop of texture. Or you can think theme and add our Camel Caravan decorative pillow for an element of surprise.

In the end, solid-colored bedding can look just as exciting as a brighter palette if you layer on a variety of textures and fabrics. Visit our store’s bedding area or our website’s extensive bedding collection for even more ideas.

  • Wendy Creighton

    Hello do you ship to Australia?

    • Soft Spoken Soft Surroundings

      Hello Wendy, Unfortunately at this time, we do not ship to Australia. We hope to some time in the future. Thank you.

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