5 Ways to Update Your Bedroom without Buying Bedding

By on September 22, 2016, in Soft Surroundings


For most people, at least a third of your day is spent sleeping. On the average, that adds up to about 25 years spent in one room—the bedroom! It’s no wonder we have the urge to redecorate this space from time to time.

Re-energizing the master suite doesn’t require a complete makeover, nor is it a necessity to buy all new bedding. Here are five ways to revamp a bedroom with just a few easy changes.

New Lighting Gets the Green Light

A simple change to the lighting in a bedroom will create a completely different ambience. Light fixtures illuminate, of course, but well-chosen lamps, sconces and pendants also cast appealing shadows to make a space feel cozy.

Our Tangier Pendant light is a prime example. The metal shade is pierced to release sparkling light and dazzling patterns, à la a tented bed chamber in a Moroccan palace. Without adjusting anything else in the room, you’ve changed the mood entirely when you hang a lamp like this.

Another approach is to upgrade your bedside table lamps. One of the current top trends is to infuse the boudoir with glamour, and flanking the bed with two of our Stacked Crystal Table Lamp will do just that.

This lamp features a base of graduated crystal orbs—an eye-catching design that looks even more brilliant when it’s lit because the crystal reflects and refracts the light from the bulb above. Plus, at 27-1/2″ tall, this lamp’s stately presence lifts sightlines and adds the impression vertical height.

Toss a Throw into the Mix

Layering a throw on the end of the bed is easy, and the impact can be surprisingly refreshing for the room’s décor.

Some throws, like our luxe Paris Faux Fur, perk things up with texture. Placing faux fur atop cotton, linen or silk bedding creates a new tactile experience, even if all of the pieces are tonally alike.  Other additions, like our Faux Mohair Throws, change-up color and texture in a single toss.

And even though you may opt for a throw to dress up the look of the room, you’ll be surprised how often you reach for it for warmth and cuddly softness too.

Revitalize with a Rug

Changing the rug in the bedroom is one of the quickest ways to significantly update the look and feeling of a bedroom.

Stick with the palette you already have at work there but consider adding dimension with a geometric pattern or graphic texture. Even a small rug at the side of the bed can feel like a big change if it’s the first thing you see upon entering. And it will feel great underfoot too.

Two of the latest additions to our plush and wonderful rug collection are the impressionistic Laurent Wool Rug and vintage-looking Ethereal Rug. We love their subtle color. We are also very enamored with the hand-hooked, textural qualities of our Sevilla and Arabesque Rugs. See what appeals to you; take a scroll through our expanded collection online.

Take a Curtain Call

Another option for revitalizing the bedroom without replacing the bedding is to change out the drapes. Drapery is an under-estimated player in the décor of any room, especially the bedroom. Gauzy drapes and sheers let in light and brighten the space. Natural fibers like raw silk and linen feel calming and soothing especially when they’re pooled. And a drapery panel makes a dramatic “headboard” too!

Plump It Up

And last but not least, the one thing a bedroom revitalization should never be without is pillows! These fluffy beauties are relatively inexpensive and always appreciated. Invest in two or three new pillows for the bed or any seating in the bedroom and you’ll feel like the place is refreshed.

Oh, just one more thing! The theme of this blog is how to update your bedroom without re-doing the bed, but…well, we just wanted to remind you…we have fresh new bedding collections inspired by our global travels too. How wonderful would it be to wake up in Provence, Marrakesh, San Miguel, Positano, or the ancient Ottoman Empire without leaving your own bed!? Please take a moment to see what inspires you in our latest bedding collections.

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