5 Ways to Shop for your Next Rug

By on October 10, 2016, in Home and Furniture

Soft Surroundings has recently expanded our selection of wonderful rugs of all styles and we encourage you to take a stroll through them to find the one that’s right for you.

But before you fall in love with one of our rugs, take a moment to consider a few down-to-earth considerations, like how much traffic the room gets, what rug size is best for the room and if the rug needs to work with existing décor.

First, the practicalities…

Shopping by Material/Traffic Areas

Choose a rug made of materials that make sense for the way you use the room. Wool and wool blend rugs can handle a lot of traffic, like in an entry, hallway or den or kid’s area. Also, wool rugs feel luxurious on bare feet.

Viscose and viscose blend rugs are best used in low traffic rooms, like bedrooms and cozy nooks. Plus, they have a silky sheen that looks and feels so sophisticated.

Natural fibers, like hemp, jute and sisal last longest in rooms that get less traffic. And synthetic rugs made of poly and polypropylene can handle a lot of footfall with ease.

Shopping by Pile

Do you have furry friends living with you? Long, looping pile might not be right for a room your dogs and cats like to live in, but it will cast the ideal ambience in a room meant for cozy comfort and relaxation or indulgence.

Low pile and textured pile rugs—especially if they are made of synthetic fibers—are resistant to stains, fading, dirt and traffic. Place them in the kitchen, porch or patio, and work and play rooms.

Shopping by Size

If you’re shopping for a rug to place under your dining table, bed or sofa, make sure it’s large enough to allow for plenty of room around the furniture.

For dining tables, you’ll want at least 24″ to 36″ of rug to extend around the table so the feet of the chairs remain on the rug when they’re pulled out.

Large bedroom rugs are great, but also consider one that is small—even a runner—to be placed alongside the length of the bed for a different look.

Shopping by Style

From abstract and geometric, to classic Persian and Oriental rugs, discover the design that speaks to you. Listen to your instincts and fashion sense. And allow yourself to mix things up once in a while!

Shopping by Color

If you’re working within existing room décor you might want to find a rug that shares that color palette. On the other hand, the opposite hue on the color wheel can bring just the right pop of contrast. And, of course, warm and cozy neutrals are always right!

Now that you’ve found the perfect rug, how do you keep it looking perfect?

The best way to extend the life of your rug is to care for it properly.  Professional cleaning is always recommended.  Also, check with the manufacturer for best ways to clean and remove spots.