The Latest from Robin’s Travels

By on October 19, 2016, in Fashion Trends, Jewelry

Soft Surroundings’ Founder, Robin Sheldon has traveled far and wide across the globe in order to find inspiration for some of our exquisite jewelry and accessories. With each trip to a new land, Robin gathers and curates a limited collection of her favorite finds. Her endless curiosity and creativity has helped produce some beautiful and truly unique pieces.

Here are some of the latest treasures from Robin’s Travels.

The elaborate and stunning Marquess Necklace showcases layers of draping gold chains, strings of pearls, and bejeweled medallions. This France enthused necklace got its name “Marquess” from the days of Kings Louis XIV and XV. The Marquess title was only given to women of rare, noble birth. Each necklace is hand crafted, ensuring yours will be a one-of-a-kind original.


Our Divine Druzy Earrings sparkle and shimmer like the City of Light from which they are inspired. In ancient times, druzy stones were used to add edge to the first handmade tools. Therefore, these tiny stones are not only beautiful, but tough as well. They come in antique silver and are perfect earrings to wear during the holidays.


The Turk inspired Ottoman Bracelet features hammered links along with a bezel-set, hand carved mother of pearl amulet. The Turks were the first to use mother of pearl to decorate doors, shutters, and sacred spaces. This intricate gold bracelet would be an ideal holiday gift for a loved one or yourself!


Last but not least, check out our Amsterdam Fingerless Gloves. These wool, artisan made gloves keep your hands warm while leaving your fingers free. They are embroidered with colorful accents and scalloped borders. No two pair are exactly alike. They are available in grey, rose, and apple.


Whether you’d like distinctive jewelry, hats, or gloves, there is definitely something to strike your fancy in the Treasures from Robin’s Travels. Be sure to browse the entire collection and pick out something that suits you today!