Maximize Holiday Cheer with Minimal Effort

By on November 28, 2016, in Fashion Trends, Holiday

What if you could decorate the house for the holidays in an hour or less!? Sound impossible? It’s not when you take a “scatter approach”. A few key pieces will bring the spirit of holiday cheer to every room without the time or hassle of that grand-scale “deck the halls” method.

Here are 4 easy ways to decorate in record time without skimping on spirit.

  1. Pillows

Fun, festive and the easiest way to spice up a room with a little ho-ho-ho, pillows are the perfect holiday props. On bed, couch or cozy chair, they add a pop of glitter and holiday color without overdoing it. Much like displaying holiday cards, pillows offer a bit of nostalgia too.


Our hand-hooked wool pillows are just the thing. Beautifully crafted, in soft, loopy textures that mix red and green with frosty white, grey and icy blue, they work with any décor. If you’d like to toss in a little more glamour, check out our Hestia and Reindeer Pillow embellished with metallic beads and appliques.

Lastly, fluff up the guest room with our La Coquille pillowcases.  With cranberry or pine colored embroidery, they coordinate with many of our sheet sets. Consider monogramming them with your guest’s initials as a welcome (and take-home) gift.

Time to decorate with pillows: 15 minutes.

  1. Candles and Lights

Most realtors will tell you, the sense visitors use most when they walk into a home is the sense of smell. A few candles, especially made with scents for the holiday season, are a warm and pleasant way to get your guests in the mood for merry and bright. We highly recommend our Home and Hearth Fragrance Diffuser at the front door or in the common room. It looks beautiful and releases a spicy scent.

Use metallic candles—especially flameless ones—to light up the mantel or sideboard. They offer ambience without the worry of an open flame. Flameless candles can add a magical touch under kitchen counters too.


Tiny LED lights are a big trend this holiday and it’s easy to see why: our Mini Leaf Starlights and Starlight Wire String Lights have lots of advantages over traditional lights. They are EASY to arrange, on bendable wires that stay in place on a mantel, branch or in and around greenery. They are bright; the LED lights sparkle with brilliance like no other. And lastly, they are reliable—just unbox and scatter!

One more quick decorating idea: fill a beautiful holiday bowl or cloche with our spectacular Wire Ball Starlights. They’re like ornaments and lights in one easy design.


Total time to light up the room: 15 minutes

  1. Ornaments

As much as everyone loves a traditional tree at the holidays, the task can be daunting. Unpacking all of the ornaments and hanging them on the tree takes hours in itself. And packing everything up in January is enough to make you wish there was an easier way.

There is! Just opt for a few, perfect ornaments in key, focal points, and a small prelit tree.

Do you have a chandelier? Select 3-5 of your favorite ornaments—preferably of a similar color scheme—and hang them from the arms of your chandelier. Our Angel Ornament Set is ideal for this application and so are our Glitter Bow Ornaments. Both sparkle in the light of the fixture and attract as much attention as mistletoe.