Put a Monogram on It

By on December 5, 2016, in Fashion Trends, Holiday

Nothing says ‘thoughtful’ more than a gift that’s monogrammed. The fine-quality embroidery and old-world feeling is irresistible. When friends, family or coworkers open a gift with their initials on it, it adds a layer of thoughtfulness that will never be forgotten.

Consider monogramming a luxurious set of our bamboo sheets as a gift for someone on your Christmas list. The lush, soft percale in a range of neutral tones looks and feels so opulent and with a monogram in your choice of 16 colors it’s a gift they’ll treasure for years to come.

Monograms give almost anything they touch an elegant hotel vibe. And sleeping in monogrammed sheets and pillowcases is proven to make you feel like royalty. Now, don’t YOU deserve to feel that special? Then put your initials on it!

Click here for our tips on how to choose a monogram. We make it easy.

No matter whether the font is blocky or feminine, monograms have a timelessness to them. They bring a classic touch to even the simplest gifts. For example, doesn’t a Christmas stocking adorned with a name or monogram have a lot more ho-ho-ho?!


Here’s a tip one of our stylists told us. Whenever she hosts house guests for the holidays or otherwise, she has her guests’ initials stitched onto a pair of pillowcases and installed in the guest bedroom. What a welcome! From the minute her family or friends enter the room they feel at home.

Our La Coquille Pillowcases are a great choice for this idea. And when the visit is over, encourage your guests to take their monogrammed pillowcases home with them like a party favor!

Just a few monogrammed letters will turn a simple gift—for you or a loved one—into a personalized luxury. And don’t we all need to feel that way a little more often?