What’s in a Well-Stocked Linen Closet?

By on January 3, 2017, in Bedding, Relaxation

Linen closets are some of our favorite storage spaces because they hold all things soft, cozy and comfortable for the private spaces of the home. But, linen closets are notorious for being overcrowded with toppling piles of sheets, towels, quilts and comforters too.

So how do you rethink the contents of your linen closet? We have some tips!

First, take an inventory of your needs. How many beds do you have in the house? This fact will tell you how many sets of sheets and other bedding you need to have on hand. Another question to ask yourself: do I want to switch out my bedding according to the seasons? More on that, and how much bedding you need to store per bed, in a moment.

Second, empty your current linen closet and separate the stock into three piles: heirloom, donations, and keep-to-use.

If you’re like us, you love vintage quilts and embroidered pillowcases. But how often do you use them? If the answer is only on Valentine’s Day, they shouldn’t be kept within reach in your linen closet. (It’s for handy storage of the linens you use every week.)

Invest in some long, narrow plastic storage bins on wheels with snug-fitting lids for your heirloom bedding and linens and store them under the bed. That leaves room in the linen closet for the pieces that are in active rotation.

It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter sheets, comforters and more that have seen better days. Donate these pieces to a local charity. They will be put to good use, especially as temperatures start to dip.

That leaves you with the last of your inventory piles—the keepers. We recommend this group be small because that allows for more of the fun part: the shopping!

Each bed in the house should have three sets of sheets at a minimum: one set in the closet, one in the laundry and one on the bed. Flannel sheets are comfy to have for cold weather, but our luxurious bamboo sheets are also a good option because bamboo naturally regulates temperature. These sheets will wick moisture away while they stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus, our bamboo sheets are silky soft.

Extra pillowcases are always good to have on hand and our silk charmeuse pillowcases are both beautiful and beneficial. In fact, sleeping on silk pillowcases has long been an anti-aging trick used by Chinese women. Silk is gentler on facial skin, and causes less wrinkles, fine lines and even bedhead. In twelve colors, you’ll easily find the silk option that works with your bedding.

Now for the fluffier stuff—pillows, quilts, comforters, blankets and throws. Depending on whether you like to layer an extra at the foot of your beds, we recommend you stock your linen closet with two quilts or coverlets per season. This way, a color or textural change in spring, summer, fall and winter is at your fingertips.

We have more than a dozen quilts and coverlets in our collection and they range in style from cozy French country to bohemian and exotic. Each one can be perfectly paired with our gorgeous sheets sets, including shams and accent pillows.

One of our customers’ favorites is our Silk Comforter. In three neutral colors, it is a heavenly soft (and silky) addition at the foot of the bed or layered on top.

Last but not least, put a few cozy back-up blankets and throws in the closet and gear them toward the seasons too. When temperatures dip, you’ll be glad to have a lightweight go-to like our Silk Blend Blanket in quick reach.

Get your linen closet set up “just right” from the beginning and it will stay organized and functional long-term. And less daily fuss is always a plus!

  • Fannie Kaylani

    I stumbled on this…looking for something for myself on the website AND my client.

    Excellent education and information,
    3 sets of linnets per bed,
    separate heirlooms
    Seasonal set of sheets
    2 choices for coverlet & seasonal piece
    Get rid of the rest…
    I suggest you add it as a a sidebar as most people have no idea nor good quality linens.

    “Do you know how many sets of sheets you need? ‘Read More’

    Thank you,

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