Foot Pain from Shoes

Is Your Footwear Making You Suffer?

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By Still Standing® Founder Lyn Butler

When a certain Oscar winner on the red carpet said that the reason she was comfortable in her Award Show high heels was because of Still Standing® spray, I was both surprised and elated. Surprised because although many red carpet regulars use my product, this was the first time one talked about it during a televised red-carpet show! The fact that one of my favorite actresses gave us a shout-out and that she liked it so much, she had it with her was wonderful!

Still Standing® spray wasn’t created for red carpet/ runway walkers or the brides, bridal parties, pageant winners, singers, politicians, newscasters or stiletto-loving style mavens, even though they all use it. I actually made it for myself because I loved wearing fantastic 4-inch heels with very pointed toes, but hated the way my feet felt while wearing them.  I figured others would like it but when early testers were so enthusiastic and encouraging, I took the plunge and became a start-up entrepreneur.

It’s true like Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” Fabulous shoes can make you feel confident and invincible.  (And, while a 10-pound weight gain will mean you can’t zip your pants, it won’t alter shoe fit so it’s great for those “fat” days.)

Stiletto Heels

But that “right pair of shoes” usually causes “Stiletto Suffering”.  As famous red-sole shoe designer Christian Louboutin states: “It’s not my job to create something comfortable…..My priority is design, beauty and sexiness.”

I’ve always loved the way my “sturdy” legs look in pointy-toed high heels—long, lithe and lovely.  The problem was the burning pain that started about an hour into the wear time.  (A podiatry college actually did research and determined that the average high-heel-wearing woman starts feeling pain after 1 hour, 6 minutes and 42 seconds.)  And there’s another truth that’s been around nearly 2500 years, courtesy of Socrates: “When our feet hurt, we hurt all over.”


I always believed that for every beauty/fashion problem I‘ve had (and I’ve had more than a few!) there was a solution.  So began my search for the solution to prevent high heel pain.

Still Standing Foot Spray

I tried gel insoles, flower shoe inserts and pretty much anything promising to make shoes comfortable.  Insoles and shoe inserts made my shoes feel tight the minute I stepped into them plus my foot pain began almost immediately. Larger shoes with insoles or pads didn’t work because the longer length meant I had trouble keeping them on my feet whenever I took a step.  I found plenty of products for dealing with foot pain after the fact, but nothing that prevented that “Stiletto Suffering”.

I researched topical painkillers but these were anesthetics like Lidocaine that caused numbness.  (People always say that Still Standing® numbs your foot but it doesn’t.  They say that because their feet don’t hurt and they assume they are numb. They are not.)  Based on my experience having taken a few falls in my stilettos when my feet weren’t numb (and I was perfectly sober), I knew that numb feet and 4-inch heels were a recipe for disaster.

Right around this time, I attended a wedding wearing a fabulous pair of 4-inch stiletto-heeled pointed-toe shoes.  It was a rather long pre-dinner cocktail hour and I found myself shifting my weight from one foot to the other in the hopes that this would lessen the throbbing agony affecting my feet. Stiletto Suffering at its best.

When we finally sat for dinner, I quietly removed my shoes under the table and that burning began floating away.

When dinner was finished and the newlyweds had their dance, the rest of the guests began getting up to join them.  I bent down to retrieve my shoes and tried to put them on.

Tried and failed.  My swollen feet would not go back into the beautiful but stiffly unforgiving stilettos. Then it hit me, I needed to find something that would prevent the swelling because it was the swelling that was causing the pain.  This “aha” moment made up for the fact that I spent the rest of the evening barefoot.

I’m a big believer in natural products—especially from Mother Nature’s Medicine Chest.  The best anti-inflammatories turned out to be arnica, aloe and ilex.  I knew about arnica and aloe but had never heard of ilex.  I learned that the indigenous people in South America had used this holly plant for centuries because it was an anti-inflammatory/pain-reliever and because it made other plant essences more powerful.

Still Standing Foot Spray

Next I needed to find a great cosmetic chemist and in the Midwest, I found one of the best, Gary Sr. This man is a genius.  Not only did he know all about natural anti-inflammatories, he created a process called Eco-Distillation™ that insured their highest potency.  As his was a green lab and concern for the planet was high on his priority list, in addition to creating the patent-pending formula, he suggested that we put it in an environmentally-friendly bottle that gave a fine, spray-from-any-angle mist without any damage to the ozone layer.

The name “Still Standing®” spray seemed right because it kept you still standing comfortably.

For all the first time users of Still Standing®, here are a few tips:

  • Still Standing® works with well-fitting shoes. It’s designed to make your feet feel as if you just stepped into your shoes, so make sure your shoes are the right size.
  • Be sure to spray the top, sides and bottom of each foot generously—you can do this on bare skin or through stockings and tights.
  • Don’t spray it on open blisters or cuts or irritated skin.
  • The effect lasts up to 6 hours depending upon the person but the average is 2 to 4 hours so if you start feeling any discomfort, just touch it up.

Still Standing® works for any thin-soled shoe—both heels and flats.  (It’s actually popular with Wall Street traders who wear those Italian loafers!)

I’m glad I could share my story and hope that you try Still Standing® spray because no one should experience “Stiletto Suffering”!

Still Standing Foot Spray

  • Jodi Henson

    Hi Lyn,

    What a great story. You are a perfect example of a true entrepreneur born because you created a product out of the need to solve a problem. And I completely confirm and agree with Socrates. Nothing else really matters when our feet hurt! It’s wonderful to see your product getting its due on the red carpet and everywhere else! Best of continuing luck to you!!

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