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Would You Eat Petroleum?

By Lip Whip creator, Kari Gran

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. I had never given this fact much thought, until I learned up to 60% of what we put on our skin can be absorbed into our bodies. This realization made me look at my skin care, makeup and lotions in a whole new light. Did I really know what ingredients were in these products and what impact they can have on my internal systems? The thought of questionable ingredients seeping into my blood stream was not a happy one.

As a self-professed beauty junkie who had tried most everything under the sun, I threw myself into research. One of the not-so-pretty things I uncovered was the prevalent use of petroleum in lip balms due to its hydrating qualities. Petroleum is a crude oil byproduct that’s a mixture of hydrocarbons and other chemicals.

In fairness, only the top grade of petroleum is cleared for use in beauty products. However, the other negative is that petroleum seals off the skin creating a barrier which feels slick, but doesn’t allow the skin to breathe, which is essential for the proper functioning of skin (remember it’s our largest organ.) It ultimately slows down skin function and normal cell development resulting in premature aging of the skin and many other health and skin disorders. It also causes reapplication throughout the day, and thus, even more petroleum going on your lips.

Yuck. Would you eat petroleum? Probably not. So why do we want it on our lips?

Petroleum creates the feeling of soft, moisturized lips due to the slippery barrier, but it’s not actually providing any moisture to your lips. For every day use, you really want your skin to breathe and use ingredients that actually moisturize.

So, what should you look for on your lip balm labels?  Ingredients are listed in in order in which they appear in the formula with the largest amounts listed first. If you see petroleum-based ingredients like petrolatum, PEGs, and of course petroleum itself. Try to avoid these.

I became so interested (and concerned) in the topic of ingredients in beauty products, particularly as I battled an auto-immune disorder, that I threw myself into research. And in 2011, at the urging of my friend and now business partner, Lisa, we launched our eco-luxe skin care line. Our star product? Our buttery soft Lip Whips made with the finest qualitity organic, wild-harvested and non-GMO ingredients.

Our Lip Whips include these lovely organic oils: camellia seed oil, avocado oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, calendula seed oil and organic beeswax. They come in two varieties, courtesy of either organic peppermint oil or organic cinnamon and wild-harvested pimenta berry oils. For an antioxidant boost, we add non-GMO vitamin E from sunflower. And not a drop of petroleum in sight.

Soft Surroundings carries the Lip Whip Treatment, Colored Lip Whip, and Lip Whip Scrub.

If you want to learn more, one resource I highly suggest is the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website. Knowledge is power. Consider checking your labels next time you reach for your lip balm.

About the Author:

The woman behind Kari Gran is the namesake herself; a chic 40-something beauty junkie who developed the eco-luxe skin care and makeup line after battling an autoimmune thyroid disorder, further aggravated by the toxin-laden beauty products she’d slathered on her skin daily without a second thought.

Kari is out to empower and educate other women about how to treat their skin kindly through a holistic path to a healthy, natural complexion.

Kari Gran is an eco-luxe skin care brand that provides a simple, elegant and clean solution for everyday skin care. Our products draw on plant and essential oils as the essence of a good skin care regime, combined with a holistic approach to skin care health.

Kari Gran products are not miracle creams, snake oil, technologically advanced serums or toxic skin tighteners. They are gentle, timeless and clean. They work flawlessly for any age and skin type — they are truly “the little black dress” of eco-skin care. Handmade in Seattle. Only tested on people, never animals. Always formulated without parabens.