Skin Rehab: Post-Summer Skin Care

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Changing seasons often require a change in your skincare. Often times as the summer days begin to cool down we notice a definite change in our skin.  Without a doubt,  weather can play havoc on our skin.  It may feel dry, flakey and not look as luminous as it did during the early summer months.

You know it needs an overhaul, so you:

  • Schedule an appointment for a microdermabraision with your favorite esthetician or you invest in your own exfoliator – check.
  • Start drinking more spring water throughout the day – check.
  • Avoid hot baths and showers as they are drying to your skin – check.
  • Invest in a humidifier to counter the drying effects from the summer months of air-conditioning – check.
  • Start using a heavier moisturizer, especially at night – check.

All of the above are great for your outer barrier of skin, but if you think that slathering on extra moisturizer and the other lifestyle upgrades are all you need to recharge your skin after summer– read on!  Your skin undergoes changes at a deeper cellular level that need to be addressed pronto!

If you’ve been careful and followed all the rules regarding sun protection, there are always rays that sneak their way into your skin. It’s not your fault!  Studies show that most of us should be reapplying sunscreen every 2 – 3 hours and at least doubling the amount of sunscreen we use. It’s unlikely that we can keep up with the cancer society’s guidelines and that’s exactly why we need to be thoughtful about our post summer skin care tune up.

You see, few of us are aware that the sun is the biggest generator of free radicals.  Free radicals and the havoc they create can make any skin care maverick shudder – from triggering inflammation – to elevating enzymes that tarnish our youthful collagen  – to scavenging their way inside our cells –  ultimately altering our skin’s precious DNA.  When our skin’s DNA becomes altered by free radicals, we begin to see signs of environmental aging which is a fancy way of saying that we are witnessing sun damage.  Ouch!

Protecting your skin’s DNA is ALWAYS as important as using a good moisturizer if not more so!

Start by increasing your intake of antioxidant rich foods.  What antioxidant does your skin need most to drive away DNA damaging free radicals?  Vitamin C!  Remember that your body cannot manufacture vitamin C so you must get it either from your diet or from supplements.  The following foods have the largest amounts of vitamin C in them.  Oranges, red peppers, kale, Brussel sprouts and even broccoli are huge winners.

Consider a green tea switch over that mid-morning late or better yet try an early morning, fresh out of bed, coffee switch.  I think you’ll find that green tea is stimulating enough for most coffee addicts like myself.

Were you aware that green tea offers UV protective effects?  In other words, it will help us protect our skin from environmental aging or sun damage!

It has been known for some time (with a body of literature to back it up) that green tea can protect the skin from UV rays. This is because it contains catechins. These are signaling molecules that belong to the flavenoid family. About 25% of the weight of a tea leaf is accounted for by catechins.  Green tea is a definite winner in the war on skin aging.  But what else?

What about skin care choices?

With so many products on shopping shelves, sometimes it can be a confusing task to choose an effective product.  Do we rely on advice from an esthetician, a cosmetic sales person, a blogger or an ad? Fortunately the food and drug administration has made it easy for us to choose the most powerful product that is proven to reverse UV damage and repair our skin cells’ DNA.  According to the FDA, lines, dark spots and wrinkles from too many days in the sun can be reversed by applying a form of vitamin A that most of us know as Retin A.

Retin A  is truly effective but comes with a couple hitches.  Number one, it requires a prescription and number two, the side effects make it difficult to use.  Perhaps many of you have tried it and quit due to the well-known harsh irritation, redness, and peeling it delivers.

As an alternative, you may have tried a weaker form of vitamin A called retinol, or retinol palmitate but have been disappointed by the less than stellar results.

Well good news!  There’s a new agent in town, that’s proven to be more effective than your typical store bought retinol.  The generic form of this stronger vitamin A derivative is called retinaldehyde.  It’s included in BEAUTYPROOF SKIN CARE’s new product, Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator.

Soft Surroundings is one of the first companies to carry this exciting new skin care – repair – treatment and it is quickly becoming a cult favorite.  Retinaldehyde is included in clinically active amounts, in Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator and is formulated in a beautiful golden serum that spreads and penetrates with ease and can be worn under makeup or under your favorite moisturizer at night.

Q: Why is Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator different than other store bought retinols?

A: It is much closer (metabolically) to Retin A.  That is the technical reason it is more effective than store bought retinols.  In fact, it has been medically proven to have equal efficacy at reversing sun damage to Retin A via DNA repair. *

Here’s a little bit more about Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator.

Until the launch of Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator, no other retinol product has ever proven to be equally as effective as prescription Retin-A.* Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator incorporates all of the wonderful benefits of prescription Retin-A without requiring a doctor’s prescription. Dark spots are diminished by 50%, under eye wrinkles are diminished by 63%, facial wrinkles are diminished by 52% in just 28 days of daily use.

Q: But what about the side effects?

A: The good news is that the side effects are minimal.  You will not have to endure the irritation, peeling and flakiness that forces most Retin A and some retinol users  to quit their treatment in frustration.  However, please remember that Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator is a serious anti-ager and as such, should be slowly titrated into your normal skin care regimen.   It is recommended that you start using it twice a week and titrate up from there.

Q: Don’t I have to avoid using Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator if I spend time outdoors?

A: More good news.  Because Dragōne D’Or® Super Stimulator is a stabilized version of vitamin A due to the inclusion of red algae and other natural ingredients, it is safe and effective to use during the day.

Q: How long does it take to work?

A: Customers reveal that they notice effects by about the third day.  This could be due to the inclusion of niacinamide in the formulation.  They report their skin looking brighter and more luminous.  After 28 days, crows feet and other signs of wrinkles will become noticeably diminished.

This beautiful golden serum also contains:


High in antioxidants, vitamin C, phytosterols and carotenoids, effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and slows signs of skin aging.


Contains two anti-inflammatory substances, magnolol and honokiol, which inhibit a key factor of skin aging. Reduces skin redness, improves hydration and elasticity.

Red Algae

Packed with antioxidants, increases cellular renewal and elasticity. Revitalizes skin.

Top of Form

*Mukherjee et al., Retinoids in the treatment of skin aging: an overview of clinical efficacy and safety, Clinical Interventions of Aging.