How To Wear This Season’s Hot Embroidered Trend

By on August 29, 2017, in Fashion Trends, Soft Surroundings

When you think of embroidery, your first thoughts might be of tapestries or cross-stitch wall hangings, but this intricate stitching technique has currently taken over fashion. Fall’s lineup is rich with pieces enhanced with beautiful embroidery details. You will see this trend on everything from tops and jeans, to sneakers, boots and bags. The addition of embroidery can take a casual piece and turn it up a notch into something extraordinary.

No matter what your style, we have an embroidered piece that will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. Here are some embroidered outfit ideas we love:

Pair the embroidered Floret Jeans with a soft top for an effortless, comfy look.

Add it as a finishing touch with accessories.

Dress it up by pairing our Embroidered Maxi with heels or boots for a dramatic look.

Sleep in it! You’ll never feel more gorgeous, or comfortable, than when lounging around in the Eden Gown.

Feel feminine, artsy, cool and beautiful all at the same time with an embroidered shirt, like the Felicity Top. Pair it with jeans and a pair of booties and soak up the compliments.

Try column dressing by wearing the Embroidered Tencel® Cardi over a top and bottom of the same color for a slimming, elegant look.

There are so many ways you can wear the embroidered trend. Have fun trying them all!