Targeted Beauty Focus: Eyes, Lips and Neck & Décolleté

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By Rebecca Booth, M.D. OBGYN, Author and Co-Founder VENeffect Anti-Aging Skin Care

Most women understand the importance of a truly effective moisturizer in their regimen, especially as the signs of aging make their appearance known.  We often are asked why a special product is needed for the Eyes, Lips and Neck & Décolleté.  In our time-starved lives, what are the beauty must-haves?  The reality is that that fabulous moisturizer can do double or even triple duty.  However, an understanding of the challenges of the aging trouble zones – Eyes, Lips and Neck/Chest will help inform the need for a targeted approach. VENeffect Co-Founder Dr. Rebecca Booth explains the structure and skin challenges of each of these zones and tips on how to address the aging process.

It Starts with Your Framework

We know beauty starts from the inside, and what we put in our bodies shows in our skin.  As it relates to aging, good diet, good skin care are musts, but we don’t often think about the actual inspiration for the frame of our face, good bone structure!

The truth is our facial bones begin to lose density and volume at the same time as other bones, and for women this begins as early as age 27.  Estrogen promotes the production of collagen, which is a building block of both skin and bone, yet, this beauty and bone enhancing hormone is programmed to decline beginning in the late twenties and accelerating in the 40s and 50s as it follows the fertility curve. The result affects three key facial areas that we regularly see in the mirror: our eyes, lips and neck/chest. Fortunately, there has never been more focus on bone health and the interplay with our bodies’ connective tissues—specifically how to protect and optimize them.

Optimal bone health starts with a diet high in plant protein. While we tend to focus on calcium rich foods for bone, the truth is that the frame of bone is a protein based collagen network, and that without a strong collagen frame, the calcium cannot “stick to it” so to speak. Nuts, seeds, legumes, lentils and other elements of the reproductive parts of the plant harbor nutritious protein building blocks for connective tissue, as well as the inspiring molecules known as phytoestrogens. Foods high in phytoestrogens have been shown to stimulate healthy bone formation, slowing bone loss, as well as supporting connective elements of skin, a winning recipe for the goal of achieving hormonal balance and recapturing vitality.

As the collagen frame is supported, the next step is adding the” bricks and mortar” of healthy bone including adequate calcium from calcium-rich foods (such as almonds, kale, chard, dairy, salmon and sardines) and adequate vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin” found in fortified milk, egg yolks, cod liver oil or easily taken as a dietary supplement.

This “inside-out” approach to maximizing good bone structure should be paired with skin care to tackle these zones from the “outside-in”.  At VENeffect, we have discovered that these same molecules from the plant world that provide beauty-inspiring nutrition, also enhance collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production when applied topically.  Our platform is one of vitality, achieved through the understanding of science and nature to enhance our well being inside and out.

Inside-Out Approach to Targeting Key Aging Zones


Structure: The orbital bone, that encircles our eyes, is a central feature of the face, and as bone density declines with the aging process, our orbits widen a bit, causing our eyes sink ever so slightly, resulting in dark shadows and a loss of volume below the eyes. We focus on the wrinkles, but the framework of the bone is vital to support our skin.

Tip: Keeping your bone health optimized with a diet rich in healthy bone builders: phytoestrogen rich plant protein, calcium rich foods, and adequate daily vitamin D, can slow facial bone loss and even reverse it! 

Skin: The eyes have the thinnest skin of the face, compounded by the lack of hair follicles that provide enhanced moisture retention on other areas of the body.  This is the first place to show the fine lines and crow’s feet, along with dark circles that increase as our skin thins.

Tip:  VENeffect Anti-Aging Eye Treatment was designed with the delicate skin of the eye in mind with phytoestrogens that can topically stimulate the elastin and collagen needed to support your skin in this area while brightening to reduce dark circles and sooth puffiness.


Structure: The bones of the jaw and mouth area are critical to supporting the face and are particularly susceptible to loss of volume with hormonal aging, starting around age 27 and accelerating in perimenopause and menopause. The lip line reflects this subtle loss of volume and can result in a distortion that is further compounded by lines and a reduction of the plump/smooth texture of the lip.

Tip: Focusing on top notch care for your teeth and gums can help your facial bones, in addition to the bone building strategies of increased plant protein, calcium and vitamin D in your diet.

Skin: The skin of the lip is different and needs more than a protective layer of a balm or stick.  The loss of lip volume due to shifts in bone density along with loss of elasticity of the skin results in tiny vertical lines forming around the lips, that continue to deepen as we age.

Tip:  Investing in a true treatment that sinks into the skin on and around the lip area will not just moisturize, but enhance the quality of the skin. VENeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment was designed to do just that with our exclusive phytoestrogens to reduce and prevent vertical lines and add natural plumpness and rosiness to the lips.

Neck & Décolleté

Structure: The spine is known to be exquisitely sensitive to loss of volume as the ovaries age, beginning in the late twenties, with actual measurable loss of height for women beginning as early as age 40. With even a minute loss of height, the contour of the neck is affected, resulting in extra folds, sometimes even a draping of skin under the chin and at the base of the neck. Reduction in the density of the collar bone carries this loss of skin tone to the chest area as well.

Tip:  A devoted core-focused yoga or Pilates practice can help maintain the length of the neck, even gaining back height! Combine a core focused discipline with the trio of bone health foods and supplements: phytoestrogens, calcium rich foods and daily vitamin D. 

Skin: The vertical nature of the skin on the neck also makes it prone to gravity related deeper horizontal lines, while the chest area becomes more crepe-like in texture.

Tip: We developed VENeffect Firming Neck & Décolleté Creme with a combination peptide/phytoestrogen technology to improve elasticity and reduce the depth of deeper horizontal lines while brightening skin tone.  And, like all VENeffect products, our treatment is fragrance free so as not to irritate this high histamine prone area of the skin.

About Rebecca Booth, M.D.:

Rebecca Booth, M.D., is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years. Named one of Louisville, Kentucky’s most cutting-edge doctors, she is a senior partner in one of the region’s largest OB/GYN practices, Women First of Louisville. In addition, she is a nationally recognized expert in hormonal wellness, speaking to organizations about female health issues and hormonal challenges, participating in radio and television segments on women’s health and through contributions to women’s publications. Dr. Booth is the author of The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…At Any Age (Da Capo Lifelong Books, 2008). Based on her desire to provide meaningful solutions to women as they relate to hormonal wellness, she co-founded VENeffect, a line of anti-aging skin care designed to restore collagen and elasticity to skin with breakthrough phytoestrogen technology.

Dr. Booth is a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, a member of the American Medical Association, The Kentucky Medical Association, The American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the International Society for Clinical Densitometry.

About VENeffect:

VENeffect is an anti-aging skin care line that targets shifts and changes in skin due to hormonal changes throughout the month and as a woman ages. Founded by Rebecca Booth, M.D., a gynecologist, author and hormonal wellness expert, and her sister, Cecil Booth, a beauty-industry veteran, it is the first line of skin care completely dedicated to inspiring peak hormonal vitality in skin. Powered by their unique phytoestrogen technology, the line diminishes the signs of aging and inspires a luminous glow.