Why Use an Essential Oil Skin Patch?

By on February 9, 2018, in Fragrance, Relaxation, Well Being

Over the years, skin patches have been used for a variety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Patches now provide a unique, easy-to-use way to enjoy the extraordinary benefits of essential oils. When compared to traditional oil blends, pain rubs and balms, skin patches afford the user a simple, clean, elegant and discreet alternative to messy rubs and balms.

Patch vs. Rubs & Balms

Unlike rubs and balms, patches are constructed to ensure that the essential oils are contained within the adhesive layer of the patch. This allows for the carefully targeted delivery of the beneficial essential oils, without the main drawbacks of rubs and balms – greasy, oily skin, stains on clothing, and the generally repugnant odors associated with such products.

Patches require no clean-up. Patches leave no oily residue on the skin during use, or after removal. Patches can be worn day or night, without fear of damaging clothing or bedding.

Patches create a truly personal “aromatherapy zone”. Unlike the overpowering odors exhibited by most rubs and balms, the aromas contained in the skin patches are so discreet that those around you will not be aware that you are enjoying their effects. Patches can be enjoyed even in the closest of quarters, with confidence that you will not draw attention to yourself or irritate those around you.

Unlike other highly-scented products, like balms, creams, lotions, diffusers or candles, patches provide a truly personal aromatherapy experience.

Many pure essential oils can be irritating to the skin and, therefore, must be handled with care and properly diluted before use. Patches are crafted using custom blends of essential oils designed to provide the maximum benefit, while minimizing the possibility of adverse skin reactions.

Time Saving, Convenient and Portable:
Most people do not have the time or expertise to determine suitable oils or recipes, then purchase oils and mixing materials and undertake the preparation of their own custom oil blends.

Patches are completely self-contained and ready for use. Simply choose a patch to suit your needs, remove the patch from its packaging, apply it to your skin and begin enjoying the benefits of the essential oils.

Patches are eminently portable, and can be tucked into a pocket or purse for use at any time. They are especially convenient for air travel. Packed in a carry-on or checked bag, they will not cause staining or damage to other items in your baggage, nor delays in the screening process.

No Special Storage Required:
Essential oils are prone to instability and must be stored properly to ensure preservation of their unique fragrance profiles and beneficial properties. Patches are packaged to safeguard the integrity of both the patches and the essential oils.

Cost Savings:
High quality essential oils are expensive and their use often requires the purchase of various mixing and storage supplies, as well as, diffusers, misters and the like. Patches are ready to use, without any other materials or devices.

This commentary is provided by Natural Patches of Vermont, the creator of custom-blended Essential Oil Body Patches, intended for a variety of everyday discomforts and concerns.

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