A Great Night’s Sleep Means a Great Day

By on February 20, 2018, in Bedding, Relaxation, Soft Surroundings, Well Being

In today’s world, having a great night’s sleep is becoming more and more difficult. Daily stresses can make getting your zzzzz’s nearly impossible. But researchers and experts agree, creating your ideal sleeping environment is the first step to successful sleep. It’s also the launching pad for a fabulous day ahead!

A restful night isn’t only about the bedding (although that is a big component). Bedding needs to be comfortable and relaxing. That means you should gear the bedding layers to the time of year and temperature. Certain sheets, bedding, comforters, coverlets and throws are more conducive to sleep in colder temps than warmer (or vice versa), and many adjust to your body temperature all year round. For more on this read our Cheat Sheet on Sheets here.

Don’t neglect the rest of the bedroom as well. Consider all things, like which window coverings block the light or filter it to create the best cocoon-like atmosphere for snoozing. Paint or decorate with soothing colors that give you that ahhh-feeling from the moment you walk in. Placing a relaxing home fragrance in the boudoir will signal to your sense of smell that this is a peaceful and comforting place. And the right light fixture or table lamp will cast a gentle glow on the room and help trigger sleepy thoughts.

Something as simple as a silk pillowcase can make all the difference in your night’s sleep. Since ancient-times, Chinese women have been dozing off on silk. Why? Silk’s smooth touch keeps the wrinkles away! (And isn’t that a relaxing idea?) Silk pillowcases eliminate bed head too—which makes the next day a great hair day.

In warm, or cool weather, what you wear to bed can be a detail that matters as much as anything to getting your beneficial eight hours. Cozy, cuddly sleepwear and loungewear that’s not too tight or restrictive is a worthy investment in the winter; light, breathable fabrics are must-haves for the summer. And always, thoughtful design and pretty details are a p.m. necessities to feeling as good as you look.

It’s always been our philosophy that you should put yourself at the top of your Tender-Loving-Care List. You deserve it. You are important to so many people! So, find some time to assess the sleep quotient of your bedroom from top to bottom, and make some changes if needed. We promise it will pay off in hours of beauty sleep and days of energy.

Good night! #LiveSoft